Cohill Insulation, We've Got You Covered.

At Cohill Insulation we offer a wide range of services to handle all of our customers needs. Please call us today for a free quote. From mechanical insulation to fire stopping, we’ve got you covered.


Mechanical Insulation Cohill Insulation offers a wide variety of commercial and industrial insulation needs including but not limited to: Piping, Duct, Boilers, Chillers, Equipment, and Tanks.

Energy Appraisals With growing environmental concerns it's important your building operate at full efficiency. Insulated pipes will benefit the planet and save you on energy costs.

Fire Stopping We provide solutions to your fire stopping needs including mechanical and plumbing system penetrations.

Custom Insulation Solutions Our experienced team can provide a plan and proposal for your needs that is job specific for your project.

Removal of Existing Insulation We provide removal, repair and replacement services of damaged or obsolete insulation. This service includes cleaning, bagging and disposal of non asbestos insulation.